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Medical Interpreter

About the job

Ukrainian and Russian Telephone Interpreters

911 Interpreters in looking for experienced Ukrainian and Russian Language Interpreters for the phone Interpretation. Please send the resume to


• Perform over the phone language interpretation between clients and those with limited English proficiency speakers

• Properly use telephone, headset, computer and internet

• Assimilate words quickly, including jargon and acronyms

• Build up specialized vocabulary banks

• Write notes to aid memory

• Use the internet to conduct research


• Experience doing Medical Interpretations over the phone

• Experience in telephone interpretation and/or interpretation-related education.

• Reliability, dedication, and commitment to providing superior customer service

• Familiarity with medical, legal, and/or emergency services terminology

• Native speaking like fluency in English and Ukrainian and/or Russian

• Ability to memorize and learn fast

• Ability to closely follow client's instructions

• Ability to use discretion and maintain confidentiality on the matters you are interpreting

• Ability to deal calmly with unexpected and difficult situations

• Access to stable internet connection or reliable phone

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