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Greek - Telephonic Interpreters

Remote / Interpreter Opportunities - Telephonic Interpreters / Independent Contractor

Overview :

As a telephonic interpreter for Greek in LSA's network of Independently Contracted Interpreters, you are responsible for handling telephone calls on-demand and facilitating language communication for the Limited English Proficient (LEP) community in a variety of settings, including medical, legal, and customer service. Language Services Associates is continuously accepting qualified interpreters!

Responsibilities :

Provide effective telephonic remote interpreting

Answer inbound calls in a timely manner

Provide superior customer service

Adhere to Code of Professional Conduct, including maintaining strict standards of confidentiality

Adhere to all policies and procedures, including professional interpretation protocols and industry-specific best practices

Complete training(s) and participate in ongoing Quality Assurance monitoring

Qualifications/Experience :

Full fluency in both English and Greek

Technology proficient (web-based platforms, email, Microsoft Word)

Landline phone access for sound quality

An interpreting space that is quiet, secure, and free from outside noises

2+ years of professional interpreting experience preferred

Industry-specific certifications/training preferred (CMI, CCHI, etc.)

Proof of 40+ hour medical interpreting training preferred (ex: Bridging the Gap, Cross-Cultural, etc.)

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