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Online English Teacher

About DaDa

Empower children to achieve more .

Founded in 2013, DaDa is the leading online English education platform based in China. Since its inception, DaDa's mission is to be the best online international school in China through one-on-one student-teacher pairing, world-class teaching content, and industry-leading two-way interactive learning platform. DaDa is the proud partner of Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill Education, Oxford University Press, National Geographic Learning, Highlights, and many other prestigious publishers and learning centers.


We Always Have Students

With DaDa, you never have to worry about having an empty schedule. We will always arrange trail class for our teachers.


You Choose your own hours

Work at your convenience, maintain a worklife balance that you always wanted. Spend part-time hours teaching and enjoy life to the fullest.


Your Career Development Matters

This is more than just an online job. DaDa gives you opportunity to gain international working experience. We provide a chance for you to work from home.


You have our full support

Our dedicated team of coordinators assist our teachers with all their needs. Let us handle all the hassle so you can focus on what matters: teaching!

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