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Bengali Remote Telephone/VRI Interpreter

We are looking for Bengali remote telephone and VRI interpreters who want to help their community while enjoying a flexible, remote work arrangement.

Position Overview: As a remote interpreter, you are responsible for handling calls on demand and clearly communicating the meaning of conversations between non-English and English speakers.

GLOBO interpreters are the people who break communication barriers between speakers of different languages while providing exceptional service across a wide range of industries including healthcare. GLOBO interpreters are fast thinkers, able to processes information quickly, with great accuracy and sensitivity to cultural differences. You constantly maintain a professional demeanor and always adhere to industry best practices in every call. From simple to complex calls, GLOBO interpreters are always at their best and prepared for any situation.

This is a remote position and you will work from your home office. Your home office must be a secure, quiet area free from outside distractions and noises. You must have a high-speed internet service for taking calls through your computer (having a dedicated interpreting phone is optional, although suggested). Regardless of how you take calls, a quality headset is essential (being hands-free with a noise-canceling feature makes note-taking much easier!).

About the role: As a GLOBO Interpreter you need to:

Answer all client calls in a professional manner, relaying first name and interpreter ID for every call.

Always use polite forms of expression, enunciate clearly, and always strive to provide great customer service even in emotionally charged situations.

Conduct intake/scripting for each client.

Render correct concepts and meanings between the speakers, maintaining correct grammar, clarity, and tone between languages.

Closely follow client instructions, professionally interject only when additional clarity or repetition is required, and manage the flow of the conversation.

Technical Requirements:

High-speed internet service with minimum download speeds of 10MB and upload speeds of at least 5MB.

If you have sufficient internet speeds (10/5 or higher), you may choose to take calls directly through your computer and skip the phone altogether.

Telephone service should be either a traditional landline or fixed VoIP (service directly through your cable/ internet provider). Your phone line should not have call waiting, voicemail, call forward, Caller ID, Voice Messaging, or any other feature that would interfere with call delivery.

Cellular and cordless phone are not allowed.

Your Background and Experience:

Full fluency in English in addition to your mother tongue.

Call Center experience is a plus.

2+ years of professional telephone interpreting experience strongly preferred.

Customer Service experience.

Very good cultural understanding and ability to clearly explain cultural concepts to avoid miscommunication.

Very good ability to remain neutral and objective during calls, excluding personal comments and feelings from the conversation.

Excellent accuracy - listening, memory retention.

Training Program in the interpreting/language industry is a plus.

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