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JOB SUMMARY Russian Remote Medical Interpreters Company: Cloudbreak Health Location: Remote Services: Audio Remote Medical Interpretation Language: Russian/English Status: 1099 Contractor Rate: TBD in interview Cloudbreak Health is seeking Russian Remote Medical Interpreters to Work from Home. These are independent contractors that will work remotely from any US-based location. We serve as community interpreters for healthcare and educational settings. Our Interpreters are valued members of our team to provide professional interpretation for all parties, serving as conduits of communication and acting as cultural brokers as needed to ensure the communication is accurate and complete. WHY CLOUDBREAK: At Cloudbreak, we seek team members who are open-minded; mission-driven; innovative; and who share our core values around diversity and inclusion. With our technology, we fight for a future where patients can receive care at any time, in any place, on any device, and in any language. An important part of our mission is promoting health equity. This includes advocating for access to inclusive care for underserved and diverse populations. We are proud to have a diverse workforce with many nations, races, faiths, languages, and people united under one mission. We firmly believe that our success is rooted in our people. We subscribe to a culture of inclusivity where our team can thrive. Responsibilities: Accurately and completely interprets conversations between providers and consumers. Establishes and maintains quality customer service and positive interaction with all users. Maintains strict confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA policies and standards. Office Space & Equipment Requirements: Must have a HIPAA Compliant Workspace (you need a Chair, a Desk, and a Light grey or Teal backdrop for interpreting). You must use a Professional backdrop of a Light grey or Teal color that shall have no variations within the camera vie. You will need reliable computer (Desktop PC or Laptop) which can run Windows 10 and has at least 8GB of Ram available for processing. (No Apple products, cell phones or tablets will be accepted). Must have a dedicated high-speed, private, and secured internet connection: Your device must be connected directly to the router via ethernet cable (Hardwired connection only)! Minimum download speed 10 Mbps / Minimum upload speed 3 Mbps. Headphones: Use a noise cancelling, USB wired headset with a built-in microphone (no wireless/Bluetooth headphones). Must have a Web Camera (USB video camera with integrated H.264 hardware or a built-in video camera with 720p or higher resolution). Must agree to abide by the Dress code policies: Dress professionally and wear solid colors. Job Requirements: Minimum of 1-year remote medical Interpreting experience. (Required) 40+ Hours of formal interpreter training. (Preferred) Medical Interpretation certification. (Preferred) Customer service skills. Knowledge of Medical Terminology. Documented fluency in English and Russian. Equal command of Medical/Educational and Social Service terminology in both languages. Superior communication and interpersonal skills. Apply Here:


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