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Language Teaching Jobs

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Online English Teacher

What We Offer

Work from home

Work remotely, teach online from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada

Flexible Hours

Part-time, set your own teaching schedule

Easy and Stable Supplemental Income

$16 - $20 USD an hour, each in-lesson time is 30 minutes

Fun and Rewarding Experience

Interactive lessons and tools, awesome and supportive staff

Teacher Testimonials


Bloomington, IN

"I work at Qkids English as a teacher while I'm also a full-time student. The office staff is simply wonderful, always willing to adapt to my ever-changing schedule with no questions asked. However, the best part is being able to see these kids' bright shining faces every morning and helping them to learn a new language, something I am very passionate about! Not to mention, the pay for such an easy and fun job is really good too!!!"

Friendly and Professional

We respect and treasure every teacher in the Qkids family. We are always trying to be more helpful and more efficient.

Position Details

Contract: Independent Contractor

Contract Term: 6 months

Start Date: Immediately

Location: Remote

Apply Here:


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