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Freelance specialist in teaching Japanese to speakers of English

Remote Worldwide Contract Learning and Curriculum

Use your expertise in teaching Japanese to English speakers to help bring Japanese language education to the world.

Duolingo is looking for a Japanese specialist who has native or near-native proficiency in Japanese and strong working proficiency in English, who has experience teaching Japanese to English speakers, and who has experience developing language learning curricula. This is a temporary freelance position (no benefits included). All work will be conducted remotely and hours are flexible.

You Will...

Use your pedagogical expertise to develop creative course content for an online Japanese course that is aligned with the standards of the CEFR and designed for English-speaking learners.

Develop a scope and sequence for the course and write content for beginning Japanese language learners in collaboration with members of Duolingo's curriculum team.

Exercise creativity and humor to ensure that course material is fun and engaging.

Help define project details, set timeframes, and coordinate project activities.

You Have...

Native or near-native proficiency in Japanese (equivalent to JLPT N1 or N2)

MA in Japanese or equivalent experience

Experience teaching Japanese as a second/foreign language to English speakers

Experience creating language learning material/curricula

Basic digital literacy (Google docs, spreadsheets)

Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills

Professional proficiency in English

Ability to work at least 20 hours a week

Exceptional Candidates WIll Have...

PhD in Japanese

Familiarity with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR)

Experience in team teaching, supervision of others, and/or project management

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