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Virtual Maori Teacher

About the job

Virtual Maori Teacher

About the company

Learnlight is an EdTech company that believes in putting people first. We take every opportunity to do that with enthusiasm, initiative, and commitment. We find joy and deep satisfaction in delighting our clients, empowering our learners, and helping our team to excel in everything they do.

We came to life in 2007, born from a dream to bridge the gap between the worlds of corporate education and transformative technology. Our vision was to create an exceptional EdTech company for international enterprises, a company that could harness leading-edge technology to optimize instructor-led training (ILT) rather than replace it.

Learnlight is built on the foundations of opportunity, learning and flexibility for all. We are also committed to helping our clients transition to sustainable training, saving an estimated thousands of tons of carbon every year by being a 100 % paperless and fully distributed virtual team.

We’ve worked with clients from all corners of the globe, obsessively refined and optimized our platform, and built a team of 300+ incredibly talented and passionate people who are at the heart of everything we’ve achieved.

Job Summary

What is a Learnlight Virtual Language Trainer?

A Learnlight trainer is more than just an online teacher. They are also a motivator and personal mentor who guides students through their virtual learning experience. They are a highly valued member of an ever-growing team of people who are proud of what they do and are excited about innovative methods for distance learning.

Responsibilities of a Learnlight online language trainer include:

  • Delivering dynamic, effective and engaging sessions to students from around the world

  • Designing a personalized program for students to suit their specific needs

  • Providing valuable, written feedback to students after each session

  • Monitoring students’ progress via the Learnlight Platform and guiding students toward their learning goals

  • Communicating in an efficient, effective and professional manner with internal teams


  • C2 level or proficient Maori speaker

  • Advanced level of English

  • Minimum of two years’ experience teaching a foreign language (Preferred)

  • Foreign language teaching certificate (Preferred)

Technical Requirements

  • Reliable and fast internet connection

  • Laptop/desktop computer

  • Webcam

  • Headset

Conditions Include:

  • Location: Online/Remote

  • Contract: Freelance

  • Full support and training

  • An excellent team of people to work with

  • Career development opportunities

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