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Senior Linguist - Thai - US based

United States of America / Translation, Localization, Interpretation, QA Testing - Global Freelance Talent Community / Freelance-Remote


Provide expert linguistic input to develop standards and tooling for a complex data generation project. The project is oriented toward the development of language-specific artificial intelligence chatbots.

Provide specific linguistic and cultural insights for the listed target language in support of the following: to support the development of NLP tools, to adapt content based on cultural norms, to develop glossaries for specific subject matter domains (such as travel, airlines, retail, finance, insurance, health care, fast food and media cable).

Assist in testing language-specific NLP tools to ensure accurate output and provide troubleshooting for bugs. Serve as an escalation point to answer questions from the data creation team (clarifying linguistic standards, explaining why sentence may not be in compliance with standards).

Assist the computational linguistics team in establishing clear guidelines (specific to the target language) related to common abbreviations used in colloquial speech, common ways of phrasing questions (leading phrases), best practices for maximizing the syntactic diversity of sentences. Provide authoritative feedback regarding language usage, with an eye to descriptive linguistics rather than prescriptive. This project requires a view of language that is sensitive to the real-life usage one finds among a very diverse range of demographic segments; the work is not well suited to linguistic purism.

Skillset Required:

Outstanding knowledge of the linguistics of the target language, including semantics, syntax, grammar, orthography, lexicography, writing system(s).

Strong knowledge of the cultural and business norms common in the target locale.

Energy and a positive attitude with excellent interpersonal skills.

Experience with MS applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Experience working with issue tracking software (such as Jira) preferred.

Superior attention to detail as it relates to grammar, spelling, and non-standard linguistic patterns.

Experience with file-sharing environment.

Able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.

Ability to manage multiple priorities in a time-sensitive and deadline-driven work environment

Troubleshoot problems; be able to communicate effectively and escalate testing issues.

3-5 year experience working in a linguistic field (language services, copywriting, translation, language instruction, journalism, editing)

The Senior Linguist will also be able to pick up the per-task work at the standard per-task rates. Given their relative skill level they should be able to complete those tasks more quickly than the average worker and so their effective rate will be close to their hourly rate.

Project Details:

Pay Rate: $20 per hour

Project Duration: 3-5 months

Desired Start Date: March

Working Hours: 20-25 hours per week

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