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Translator - Korean-English

Translator career

Regular recruitment

Job description

WordVice currently operates in six countries and is expanding its team by recruiting freelance translators from various disciplines. The main translation tasks are academic paper translation and essay Korean / English translation. Translation orders are assigned based on the translator's background and schedule, and WordVice translators can work anywhere, anytime with a stable Internet connection and Microsoft Word. In addition, WordVice translators can set the workload according to their schedule. Translation fees are paid according to the number of words in the document, so you can get paid as much as you work. The Word Vice translator first translates the document first and then entrusts the proofreader to the English editor of the Word Vice professional. Upon receipt of the proof, check again that the meaning of the original has not changed or there are no errors. After that, a draft, proofread, and final review are submitted to the customer. It is divided into academic translation and admission translation, and translators can choose their own fields.

  • Affairs

  • Translation of academic papers and/or admission essays without changing the meaning of the original document

  • Search for technical/scientific terms suitable for documents

  • Review the revised version to ensure that the original meaning remains and there are no errors

  • Answering customer questions related to the translated version delivered through the message system


  • Experience: Translation of thesis or essay (more than 3 years)

  • Education: Bachelor's degree or higher

  • Proficient in English and Korean

  • Who can use MS Word and track the change function

Admission Procedure

  • Admission guide: Document screening → Test

  • How to apply: [Apply Now] link at the bottom

Working conditions

  • freelancer

  • Desired unit price: can be entered when submitting the application

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