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Job content

Howards currently provides websites in six languages, continuously recruiting professional translators in different fields and expanding the team of translators. The service category distinguishes between academic and study documents, so Howards will distribute cases according to the translator's background field. The translator only needs stable Internet and Word software to receive the case anytime and anywhere for translation. In addition, Howard Translators can adjust the amount of translation that can be undertaken according to their own itinerary. The cost is calculated based on the number of original words, and how much you earn by turning over. After receiving the case, the Howards translator first confirmed the number of documents and words and then began to translate after being correct. The translated manuscript is uploaded to the native language editor for revision. After the revision, the manuscript must be proofread to confirm that the native language editor has not changed the original intention of the author. Finally, the first draft, the revised draft, and the revised draft are organized into compressed files and uploaded to the client.

  • Responsible for business

  • Provide translation services for academic papers or study abroad documents without prejudice to the original intention of the actors

  • If necessary, search for professional terms that match the original text

  • Proofreading after receiving the revised manuscript of the editor to confirm whether the original intention of the author has been changed and to exclude any errors

  • Answer users' questions about translations in the information system

Job Requirements

  • Qualifications: Thesis translation or translation of study abroad documents (over 3 years of experience)

  • Education: Bachelor (inclusive) or above

  • ability:

  • Fluent in Chinese and English

  • Familiar with the tracking revision function of MS Word

Recruitment Process

  • Recruitment content: written review> trial translation

  • Recruitment order: a trial translation by a written reviewer

  • How to apply: Click the [Apply Now] link below

Job conditions

  • Freelance translator

  • Translators can enter the desired translation rate on the resume upload page

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