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English Proofreading Wordvice is focusing on hiring translators who have expertise in various fields in developing English proofreading and translation business based in 6 countries around the world. If you register as a translator, your work will be distributed according to the translator's background and schedule each time you request it. Work is a freelance format at home, and it doesn't matter where you work or how long you work, as long as you have a smooth internet connection and Microsoft Word operating environment. The work schedule can be set freely by the translator, and salary is paid according to the number of words in the word document. Wordvice's translation service consists of a three-step process: "Primary translation → Native proofreading → Recheck by the translator". The translator is in charge of the primary translation of the manuscript and the final check of the manuscript that has been proofread by the English native, and the customer will receive three files: the primary translation version + the proofreader check version + the final check version. There are two types of documents, academic admissions, and you can choose according to the specialization of each translator.

  • Responsible duties

  • Translation of academic papers and admission essays from Japanese to English, faithfully to the meaning of the manuscript

  • Check technical terms such as scientific and technical terms that match the background of the document

  • Recheck documents that have been proofread by natives to see if there are any changes in the meaning of the manuscript or translation errors

  • Answer customers' questions using the direct message system

Qualification requirements

  • Japanese to English translation work experience: 3 years or more

  • Education: University graduate or higher

  • Gender: Any

  • Native level Japanese / English ability

  • MS Word (especially change history function) use skill

Selection method

  • Selection method: Selection based on documents and sample test

  • Selection schedule: Regular recruitment

  • How to apply: From [Apply Now] below

Working conditions

  • Freelance

  • Desired translation unit price: Input when applying

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