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Korean English : Life Sciences Translator


Service - Korean to English and English to Korean Translation

Category - Academic and Industry Area Translation

Discipline - Life Sciences

The Life Sciences sector is a growing segment with various organizations working on advancing R&D and bringing innovative solutions for health care. Life Sciences encompass diverse disciplines, but a common aim of individual professionals and their affiliated institute or organization in this field is to establish local and international presence.

Translators need to provide faithful representations across a range of documents, such as original research manuscripts, clinical information, drug trials, safety reporting, etc., received from academic organizations as well Life Sciences industry. An in-depth understanding of technical aspects as well as high linguistic skills are required to deliver reliable and high-quality translation.

We have a highly qualified team of Life Sciences translators and are looking for talented translators to be a part of our Korean English translation team.

Apply As Per Your Area Of Specialization!

Life Sciences is a broad discipline. Translators are highly specialized and are comfortable working in specific areas of specialization. At Ulatus, we are hiring for the following sub-disciplines under Life Sciences:

Subject Area





Pharmaceutical Sciences


Environmental Biosciences

Social Biosciences






Industrial Area

Instruction Manuals, Other Manuals, Catalogs, etc.

Formulation Development and Quality Assurance

Pharmacolegal Documents

Manufacturing and Marketing Approval Application

Basic Research and Nonclinical Trials

Safety Information

Clinical Trials

Laws, Rules, and Guidelines

Applicants are evaluated for both their linguistic skills and their subject matter expertise.

Eligibility Criteria

Recognized graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education. or Recognized graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education with two years of full time experience in translation. or Five years of full time professional experience in translation.

Native speaker of Korean/English with proven English/Korean skills

Who Can Apply?

Our company is committed to the highest levels of translation quality and we expect our freelance translators to be of the same caliber. If you qualify for the below points, please apply for our online translation jobs.

fit the Life Sciences subject area(s) specified above and have the translation experience,

have command over Korean and English languages,

are looking for translating jobs online, and

want the flexibility of working on translation jobs from home.

Apply Here:


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