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Expert Subtitle Translator/QCer: Arabic to English


Media & Entertainment United States Contract Subs


We are currently looking for freelance translators with proven and solid experience in subtitling for the TV and Movie industry from Arabic to English. The resource must meet ILR Leavel 5 Native Proficiency for English.

ILR Level 5 - Native or bilingual proficiency

Native or bilingual proficiency is rated 5 on the scale. A person at this level is described as follows:

has a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker

able to understand fully all forms and styles of speech intelligible to the well-educated native listener, including a number of regional and illiterate dialects, highly colloquial speech and conversations and discourse distorted by marked interference from other noise

able to read fluently and accurately all styles and forms of the language pertinent to professional needs


If you would like to pursue freelance translation opportunities with us, please send us your CV in English, providing detailed information regarding your subtitling experience.

Please make sure your CV shows us that you meet the following basic requirements:

Ability to quickly adapt to workflow/process changes and updates.

Great attention to detail, organization, problem-solving, analytical and multitasking skills.

Native language fluency of target language.

Extensive knowledge of source language.

University degree or equivalent professional experience in the translation field.

Experience in at least one of the following areas of the entertainment industry: localization QC, audiovisual translation and subtitling.

Deep understanding of nuances of subtitle and dub translations.

Working knowledge of Countries differences and best practices for subtitles and dub audio creation.

Understanding of closed captioning and subtitling, and their common failures and technical challenges.

Confidence and experience with subtitle editing software and web/cloud technology.

Please understand that the signature of our No Disclosure Agreement is mandatory in order to start the entry process. We apologies in advance for not being able to reply to the candidates who do not meet the listed requirements.

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